Quinn Life Coaching is an Email-Based Life Coaching service that will help you set and achieve your goals.

Bethany Quinn Bio

Bonjour! My name is Bethany Quinn and I’m the owner of Quinn Life Coaching. I’m originally from Ohio and I’m so glad to be back! I love reading, walking my dog, watching comedies, yoga, and I especially love helping people!

I have had experience in the Life Coaching field for many years. I’m a great listener, have a knack for communicating, and I enjoy problem-solving. I’ve also been a teacher for over a decade, which is a very helpful background for helping people set and achieve their goals!

I’m currently a Certified Life Coach, and I’m also studying Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Hypnotherapy. I have a Master’s Degree and a Graduate Diploma of Education. I love teaching, but I’m also extremely passionate about Life Coaching!

Have a great day!