Here are just a few helpful tips for staying sane when the world around you is turning upside-down!

  1. Get Moving!

Exercise- any exercise- releases sweet, sweet endorphins that MAKE YOU FEEL GREAT! Go on- get that heart rate up!

Stuck inside? There are so many videos on YouTube to help guide you to working out! A few of my favorites are Kundalini Yoga with Maya Fiennes or Ana Brett, and Walking Workout videos with Jessica Smith.

Only have a few minutes? Squats! Pushups! Wall Sits! Crunches! Stretches! Anything to get the blood flowing- it will severely improve your mood.

  1. Be Mindful

Mindfulness is a great way to center yourself and find calm in a sea of chaos. 

5 things you can see

4 things you can touch

3 things you can hear


Sit upright, and pay attention to your breath. If your mind wanders, pull it back and pay attention to your breath again. A nice mantra from Kundalini Yoga is “sat nam” in four parts- “Suh-tuh-nah-muh”- to keep you focused on your breath. You can count out the four part breathing by touching your thumb to each of your fingers.

  1. Start small

Starting is always the hardest part- so just START! If you’ve been putting things off because you feel like you don’t have time or are intimidated, start with a small step! After you accomplish that small step, you’ll feel more positive no matter what. You can quit there, but let’s be honest- finishing that first starter step might inspire you to keep going!

Example 1: I wanted to really Spring Clean my whole house- so intimidating! So first I broke down all the cleaning I wanted to do in each room and made a master list. This way, I’ve broken down a giant task into smaller, manageable steps that I can check off every time I accomplish one!

Example 2: I wanted to keep a Journal during these trying times, but kept putting it off. Finally, I just opened up a Google Sheets document, created a calendar, and started filling in small details from the past few days. Instead of one cohesive journal entry, I was having fun remembering small things that happened- what I cooked, whom I texted, what conversations I had, what games I played, etc. It turned something that was really daunting into something that was actually a lot of fun!

  1. Limit negative input

It can be tempting to binge watch the news or scroll endlessly through social media during a crisis- but resist the urge! Limit your negative input so that it doesn’t overtake the positives. Turn the news off and watch a heartwarming or comedic movie. Stop scrolling on Facebook and play a game or call a loved one to catch up. 

  1. Be Grateful

Finally, at the end of the day, practice being grateful. Find the positives in every day- and there always ARE positives- even on the seemingly worst of days. Our support systems are there to be positive, watching our favorite shows can be a positive, eating delicious food is very positive! 

Pro Tip: Before bed each night, I like to count off on my fingers ten things I am grateful for throughout the day. I include people in my life that I spoke to that day, positive things that happened however small, and general things I am thankful for like Bobs Burgers, great weather, and Netflix. I never have to think too hard because there truly are so many things to be grateful for in life.