Tips and Tricks to Help You Enjoy Working Out

If you’re like me, going to the gym can seem like the LAST thing you want to do. But, if you’re like me, going to the gym is probably the BEST thing you can do for you body. Here’s some tips and tricks I’ve gathered that help me get motivated. Maybe some of them can work for you, too!

  • Find a show or podcast that you save for the gym.

This one is my best motivator! I am watching the Netflix show You. I save it and watch it ONLY AT THE GYM. This means I’m more excited to get on the elliptical machine because I get to find out what happens in the next episode!

My husband uses this technique with podcasts- he usually listens to Your Mom’s House podcast or Tiger Belly while at the gym. We’re huge fans of comedy so these podcasts help motivate him!

If these aren’t your thing, then consider making a Spotify playlist of your favorite workout songs. I know it sounds trite but you’d be surprised how pumped you can get when you’re listening to an upbeat song that you absolutely love!

  • Get a gym buddy!

Currently, my husband is my gym buddy. It works out pretty great because if one of us is in the mood to go, then we go! In the past, I’ve found friends to go to the gym with me, or to attend a yoga class, or to just go on long walks with. Whatever your style of working out, if you can find someone who also loves doing that particular exercise, it’s always more fun with a pal!

  • Reward yourself (AFTER).

Sometimes the only reason I go to the gym is so that I can feel guilt-free about getting Chipotle afterward. (Chipotle is located RIGHT NEXT TO MY GYM. Very rude!) This makes me much more likely to want to work out, because I know I will have a delicious burrito to comfort my aching muscles afterward!

Be very careful about rewards, though- especially food based ones! I try to not to be of the mindset that if I’m eating poorly throughout the day “it’s ok because I’m going to the gym later,” because you simply never know what might arise. Things come up and we can’t always make it to the gym, so it’s better to reward ourselves afterward rather than pre-reward ourselves for work we haven’t yet done.

  • Visualize your success.

This is a great trick to help motivate you. What would success in the fitness area look like to you? Visualize it. Does your body look different? Leaner? More muscle? Better endurance? Do you feel happier and more motivated to work out because you’ve made working out a priority that’s turned into a habit? Figure out what your endgame of working out is and start picturing it coming true. It will help you stop looking at going to the gym as a chore, and start helping you see working out as a necessary step that you take in order to become that better version of yourself that you’re picturing in your mind’s eye!

  • Use an App!

I’ve already given you some great apps to use to help motivate your life- but there are literally countless apps to help motivate you to go to the gym! It can literally be as simple as reminding you to go, and as complex as entering your caloric intake into the app to see how much exercise you should do to offset that intake. It can be free like Map my Walk that shows you how far you walked while you strolled with your friend after lunch, or it can be expensive like getting a FitBit and tracking your steps. Technology is our friend when it comes to helping us get motivated! Find something that works for YOU!

  • Find an exercise that works for YOU.

I’ve already talked about this in another blog post, but this is SO IMPORTANT. Find some exercise that you absolutely love. Me, I love going on the elliptical, doing yoga, lifting weights with the machines, and walking my dog. My husband loves the elliptical too, but he prefers free weights, frisbee golf and archery. What do YOU like to do? How do YOU want to burn your calories? There are so very many options for getting into shape it’s almost impossible not to find SOMETHING that you like doing that helps you stay active.

Good luck and good workout, everyone!


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