My Best Friend recently shared the best advice she’d ever received. She’s a bit of a high strung, Type A, worrisome kind of person, and although I’m kind of the opposite, we both suffer from stress. (Who doesn’t nowadays?!?) To combat her tendency to over-analyze and over-worry, her counselor recommended that when she starts down the pathway toward stress, she take a step back and consider-

Will this matter in a year?

It’s such a simple-seeming concept, but it packs such a powerful punch. Will this thing that’s currently bothering me be an issue in a year? Will I even remember it? Most of the time, the answer is actually no. No it won’t matter in a year if I accidentally burnt dinner. No I probably won’t remember the time the guy ahead of me in line for coffee was annoying. No it won’t be important in the long run if I spilled soup on my shirt at lunch. All of these things are trivial, and they fade into the background eventually. 

So why do we waste so much time worrying about life’s little nuisances when we could be enjoying life’s little joys? Because we’re hard-wired for stress, that’s why!

But with a little bit of work and the ability to step back and look at the situation clearly, we can rewire our brains to stop stressing out over the small uncomfortable moments and start breathing easy!


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