Think Happy.

Awhile ago, my therapist made a great suggestion. She said I should find something in every room in my house to serve as an anchor for my emotions. When I feel my emotions getting out of control, I can look at my anchor and it will help me ground myself.

So, I went home and went on a hunt to find these things- and discovered that I already had them! In every room, there was already something small that, whenever I look at it, it brings me a little bit of joy. In my living room, there’s a small statue I found at a thrift store and a painting of my doggo. In my kitchen, there are magnets that survived since my freshman year of college that make me laugh and remind me of the young girl I was when I bought them. In my bathroom, there is a beautiful mandala with the simple words printed on the canvas: Think Happy.

These objects now have incredible power- I’ve acknowledged their ability to help me ground myself and think positively, and in return they’ve helped me do just that! I highly suggest this process to all my readers- find something in every room of your house that can spark some joy in your life when you might most need it. Something that can help you Think Happy.


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