In today’s fast-paced, impatient world it’s so easy to forget to enjoy life’s little moments. I, like most people, am guilty of worrying so much about what I have to do that I don’t appreciate what I am doing. I don’t feel quite right if I can’t cross things off of my daily To Do List. I’m always seeing my schedule in my mind’s eye, thinking about the when and where and what of it all. 

But then I adopted a dog.

My dog doesn’t worry about where she needs to be tomorrow. She doesn’t worry about what she did last week. She doesn’t worry if the laundry is done or the dishes are washed or the bed is made. She lives in the moment, and she helps me get there, too! 

There have been countless times in the past few weeks where a feeling of peace, calm and rightness has washed over me when I’m with her. She helps create a sense of being centered and alive and existing in that one beautiful moment. She helps me to put things into perspective, and she’s definitely helping me to rethink my time management system! 

All in all, this furry new addition to our family has definitely reshaped our way of looking at the world. 🙂

Originally Published in 2018.


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