My husband dragged me kicking and screaming into the world of Meal Prep, and I’m so glad he did! 

Like many people, I had various misgivings about cooking all of my meals for the week. But it turns out a lot of my points were unfounded!

I thought that it would be a huge hassle to cook everything in one day. It’s actually not that bad! We do spend several hours on Sundays, but it frees up SO MUCH TIME during the week. It also greatly reduces the chance that we’ll give up on cooking and grab fast food if we’re super tired. Moreover, when we cook on Sundays, we are spending that time together. He cooks (he’s an AMAZING chef) and I do prep work and clean up as we go. We’re getting faster and more efficient every Sunday. It seems less like a chore and more like something that we do together as a couple.

Variety is the Spice of Life

I worried that I would get bored. Food is my passion and I enjoy the process of figuring out what I’m “hungry for.” I’ve never really been someone who plans in advance what I’ll eat. Who knows what mood I’ll be in two days from now?! But with our Meal Prep, we make sure to include as much variety as we can. That way we’re not stuck eating the same flavors meal after meal until they’re boring. It takes a bit of finesse, but we’ve learned to use common ingredients to create vastly different dishes. 

Keeping up with Freshness

I definitely have a phobia of eating food that has “gone bad.” Thus, I also worried that the meals wouldn’t last in the Fridge for the week. While we’ve found several items that definitely aren’t good after a couple of days, most things we’ve prepared easily endure from Sunday night until Friday. We also like to eat fresh salads and fruit alongside our prepared meals. This way we are sure that these foods are fresh and crisp. 

Reduced Time Shopping!

There are lots of other benefits to this whole Meal Prepping system, actually. For instance, I used to have to go to the grocery store every day or every other day in order to buy the food we needed for a short foreseeable future. Now, I shop on Friday nights and Sunday mornings. Plus, since we’ve planned out our meals ahead of time, I have a very clear list of what ingredients I need, so the trip doesn’t take as long. It’s great! 

Save Money $$$

We’re also DEFINITELY saving money. I shudder to think what our food budget was before we began this process, but I know we were spending at least $225 a week to feed two people. Now, we fluctuate between $90 and $150- which is a much more affordable and realistic amount to spend on food!

I hope this has made Meal Prepping more appealing to my readers. I’m definitely a Meal Prepping covert- hopefully you are, too!


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