(Finding a workout that gets you pumped!)

If you see me running, you’d better run too- I’m probably being chased! 

I have plenty of friends who love their daily early morning running sessions, but running is definitely not for me. High-impact activities are way too painful due to my chronic tendonitis. 

Thankfully, in this day and age, there are so many other choices for lower-impact exercise. I don’t have to be limited to this one (albeit extremely popular) form of fitness. So what do I like to do? A few different things as it turns out!

  • As I have a tendency toward a wandering mind, I love the active mindfulness of yogic practice. My favorite type is Kundalini Yoga, and there are a lot of cool guided Kundalini videos online. My personal favorites are videos by Maya Fiennes and Ana Brett.
  • When I go to the gym, I usually stick to a weight-lifting machine circuit and equal time on the elliptical. To combat the potential boredom of repetitive exercise, I like to listen to music or even read a book while on the elliptical! People give me funny looks sometimes, but I’m usually too engrossed in the narrative to even notice! 🙂
  • When I’m short on time but I really want a great workout, I look for a Cardio or Walking Workout on Jessica Smith TV. I really love her instruction style, the workouts are super fun, and I can choose the length of workout that fits my schedule.  As a bonus you can usually watch her silly pet Bulldog in the background. 🙂 
  • Sometimes, while I’m watching TV at home, I’ll move my butt off the couch and start stretching my muscles. If the weather permits, I’ll go for a walk on a beautiful weekend afternoon and enjoy window-shopping in my area. Other times, I’ll go swimming at my friend’s house or bowling with my grandma.

As you can see- my exercise routine is anything but routine- it’s a mixed bag of activities that I enjoy doing.

So what do you like to do, for fun and for fitness? The easiest way to get up and get moving is to find some sort of exercise that you truly enjoy doing. Or at least find something that you don’t hate!

It’s much easier to stick to a fitness plan if you like doing the activities you’ve chosen. Find a workout that gets you PUMPED and give it your best!

Originally Published in 2018.


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