[There is no shortage of apps available to your average Smart Phone user, but finding the right ones to help you with your day to day problems can be daunting. This blog series will explore some of the better free apps available that have the potential to facilitate different aspects of your life.


I may not write it in it every day, but Diaro is a great daily journal app. It has some really neat features like password/fingerprint protection, easy photo uploading, and key word categorization. It’s easy to use, visually pleasing, and you can even set a daily reminder to write in your journal. I personally use it to catalogue interesting days, major events, silly things people around me say, and sometimes just to vent my feelings and frustrations. I really enjoy looking back through my entries, and I love that this app finally inspired me to create a better record of my day to day life. Diaro is a free app, but I paid the small amount for the premium version because I do use it frequently.

Originally Published in 2018.


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