There is no shortage of apps available to your average Smart Phone user, but finding the right ones to help you with your day to day problems can be daunting. This blog series will explore some of the better free apps available that have the potential to facilitate different aspects of your life.

Just Reminder

I’m one of those people that if I don’t write it down, I probably won’t remember it. I might not remember it even if it’s something I do every single day. The Just Reminder app has honestly changed my life in that respect. It allows me to set Reminders for anything my heart desires- including Daily Reminders to take my vitamins and Weekly Reminders to make sure we take out the trash to the curb. I’ve even, embarrassingly, set a few alarms to make sure I remember to check the mail regularly. The app is easy to use, and every time you add a new Reminder, it gives you the option to add a phone number, notes, repeated interval, and even lets you easily change the ringtone. I’ve also set up the Widget on my homescreen to show me which alarm is up next. If you’re anything like me and have trouble remembering to do simple, daily things, this app can definitely help you get your life back in order!

Originally Published in 2018.


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