There is no shortage of apps available to your average Smartphone user, but finding the right ones to help you with your day to day problems can be daunting. This blog series will explore some of the better free apps available that have the potential to facilitate different aspects of your life.

Google Keep 

Google Keep is a great, free app that can help organize a family. Anyone with the app can create a list, then simply add a collaborator and your spouse/partner/children/roommate can add their items at their leisure. It works especially well for grocery lists, but the option to “share” the editing of a list lends itself to so many other applications. My husband and I have a Google Keep list of monthly bills, things that we need to do around the house, big ticket items we would eventually like to purchase, and a few other lists that help us with our organization. It also has a free Widget function- you can add the Widget to your desktop and use it to display your most important list. I’ve been using Google Keep for a few months now, and it’s made my grocery shopping much, much easier!

Originally Published July 28, 2018


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